Friday, August 16, 2013

FAN ACTION: Success of #AliensCelebrateInfinity ∞

And so our #8YearsDurchDenMonsun celebration has come to an end...

That was a really fun fan action/project carried out, don't you think? We certainly had a blast! We got to know some fanclubs and fans better, we got to interact and meet lots of new fans and we just pretty much had loads of fun! And of course, once again, thanks to all the Aliens who participated! We couldn't have made it this big without you! Tokio Hotel really has the world's best fans!

Basically, both hashtags #AliensCelebrateInfinity and #8YearsDurchDenMonsun made it to the worldwide TTs. How cool is that?! :D

TH-Wonderland continued with another 3 #ACIRaffle, giving out a Zimmer 483 Album (won by @_followmemikey), a Schrei Live DVD (won by @ehybills), and another Durch Den Monsun Single (won by @KAMUSOONICHI)!

So, all together, there were 8 raffles, 8 partners on the #AliensCelebrateInfinity project, 8 times #AliensCelebrateInfinity being on the worldwide TT, and of course, 8 unbelievable years of Durch Den Monsun!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank TH-Wonderland, Tokio Hotel Spain, Tokio Hotel Peru, Tokio Hotel Belarus, Tokio Hotel Russia, Tokio Hotel Greece and LoveTH-Music for the awesome work they did, and it's been an amazing experience working with you guys! We have so much love for all of you, and we'll say this again; thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with you! TH-Wonderland, you guys are brilliant! The #ACIRaffle was really fun and I know everyone really did enjoy it, even those who didn't win anything. Thank you for all you have done, and we really look forward to work with you guys again in the near future!

In case our readers missed it, the previous update of the #AliensCelebrateInfinity project can be found HERE!

Love, Peace & Tokio Hotel! ∞

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