Thursday, August 15, 2013

CONTEST: Tokio Hotel - 8 Years Monsoon

8 years ''MONSOON'' ..what an exciting journey with you guys! Thank you for your endless support #Aliens
To celebrate this special day we have a big surprise for you guys! Let's start a little competition. Get creative and send us videos, pictures, stories, audio...whatever you want to do to celebrate ''Monsoon'' with us.
The best and most creative idea wins and gets an exclusive meet & greet with Bill and Tom in LA. We fly you over to meet them exclusively in one of their studios and you will be the first one who gets the chance to listen to a preview of one of our new songs from the upcoming album! Let's get it started!

OMG! OMG! OMG! I think we just had a heart attack! This competition is out of this world! OMG. Not only you'll get to fly to LA, you get an exclusive M&G with Bill and Tom in one of their studios, AND YOU GET TO LISTEN TO A PREVIEW OF ONE OF THEIR NEW SONGS. We can cry right now. This is just beautiful and amazing! We have no more words, we're so stunned right now.


  1. :( was this true ? if so, who won from which country ?

    1. These two girls are the winners:
      One was from Canada and the other was from Germany, if I'm not mistaken.