Thursday, August 15, 2013

FAN ACTION: #AliensCelebrateInfinity Update 2

This fan action has to be THE BEST  fan action ever, don't you agree?! And we have YOU to thank, for working together on getting #AliensCelebrateInfinity on the worldwide Trending Topic, for taking part in the #ACIRaffle, and for just really rocking this entire fan action. Seriously, the Aliens are the best fandom out there, and no one can argue with that. We're not the biggest, but we're among the strongest!

So, just a quick update, TH-Wonderland will have another 3 #ACIRaffle TODAY starting from 3 PM (German time). So far, TH-Wonderland has given out the German Humanoid Album (won by @BKAliens), the Rette Mich Single (won by @ungetraeumt), a Schrei Album (won by @apipretty), a Zimmer 483 Live Album (won by @stillezerbricht), and a very special Durch den Monsun Single (won by @lionessgirl2011).

TH-Wonderland ALSO made a wallpaper with 23 different languages of the quote on it (there's a quote in Malay as well, of which we translated), and as you can see, all 8 partners are on the wallpaper. You may use it anywhere in celebration of #AliensCelebrateInfinity! Woohoo!

There's also an exclusive video message from Tim David Weller, former DSDS contestant, just a friendly shout out to all the Aliens celebrating #AliensCelebrateInfinity! So, check it out:
And also, we will be trending #AliensCelebrateInfinity AGAIN today at 6 PM (German time), so keep a close eye out on our Twitter as we will give you the cue when to start Tweeting massively to trend #AliensCelebrateInfinity.

Besides that, a HUGE THANK YOU to all our partners, especially TH-Wonderland for making us part of this beautiful project! We love all of you SO much, and we really do hope we can work together more in the future (we should totally plan something when the new album comes out! We're stoked for that!), and also to all the Aliens who joined in the fun. Thank you all so, so much! THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!

And finally, to our dearest Tokio Hotel (who we know probably won't see this post), we love you more than infinity can measure. ∞

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