Wednesday, April 18, 2012

ARTICLE: - TH Want To Bring Their Father € 6,000 To Silence


Tokio Hotel want to bring their father with 6000 Euros to silence.


As "Tokio Hotel," the twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz (22) earned millions. But their own father, with whom they never had a problem, they suddenly want to fob off with 6000 Euros...

The sum stands in a letter, that the twins sent their father Jörg (44) from America. Unusual, how cold this writing is...

Therein the two famous sons demand of their father, to never speak about the shared past. Although he never did so and actually also didn't plan to.

They offer him a one-time 6000 Euros as hush money.

But in return, he should also renounce his portion of mandatory inheritance. Corresponding forms accompany the letter.

How now?

"As I read the letter, a part of me died. They speak with me, as with a stranger. I really haven't earned that," says Jörg. He and mother Kaulitz had split, as the twins were seven.

The letter (presented to BILD) begins with "Dear Jörg" and is signed from both sons.

They write: "Enclosed you'll receive an agreement, in which we regulate the communication of our private life. Additionally, the outline of the payment of the 6000 euros, as also the waiver of the compulsory portion is attached."

And onward: "You'll sign and send these to your notary. As soon as the documents are with us, we would go with the payment/renunciation agreement to the consulate."

Why this writing, this heartless letter?

"I also don't understand, why my sons want to disinherit me. I have always paid alimony and never asked for money from Bill and Tom. I also want no cent from them in the future."

Lawyer Matthias Meier (50) from Dortmund: "To Father Jörg is accorded, as to every family member of the first degree, a legal compulsory portion. And this would allow itself to be shifted, in the case of Bill and Tom Kaulitz, in very different dimensions as 6000 Euros."

Father Jörg wonders at the letter of his sons the most about one thing: "Why are my boys making their testament at 22 years old?" He says: "At this age, one doesn't normally think about death. Over that I'm the most concerned."

Translated By: Vnlasteamer

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