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ARTICLE: BILD.de - The Truth About Tokio Hotel (16.04.2012)


The truth about Tokio Hotel

His sons are the spitting image of their father. The dark eye brows, the sting-hairstyle, the charismatic mouth.

Jörg (44) from Hannover is the biological father of Bill (22) and Tom Kaulitz (22) of the band Tokio Hotel!

So far, the trucker hasn't shown himself as father of the twins in public, hasn't talked a word about his famous sons.

If it was up to the two, it should stay this way: The father received a letter a few days ago from America, that has hurt him deeply. He should never be allowed to say a word about his sons in public.

Furthermore, the twins want to cut him out of their will!

Jörg: "I think they want to leave their money to animal protection."

In BILD Jörg breaks his silence for the first time. He's doing it out of fear about his boys, that he hasn't seen in three years.

"The fame and money have destroyed our family.", Jörg says with a sad voice. "Since Bill and Tom moved to America in Autumn 2010, I only have contact with them via text messages. Tom's last text message said: '[We've] Got problems, we have to come to terms with the past!' I think with that they mean that they've lost their orientation in life."

From the point of view of their father it's no wonder: "They had been shooed from gig to gig, until they were burned-out. I once was backstage. There was no glamor, only two powerless little boys and a few cold burgers. The stress has gotten them mentally ill."

Review: When the twins were seven, their parents got divorced. Father Jörg works as trucker in Hannover. The twins move to Magdeburg with their mother Simone. As it is common in divorced families, the father and sons met regularly, they spent their holidays together, the father pays aliments.

Jörg: "Then in 2005 they got famous, they were only 15. Their childhood was over at a single blow. Crazy fans chased them 24/7. If they wanted to go to the cinema, they had to rent a room. If they wanted to go to a restaurant, they had to order the food to their hotel room. They were like prisoners."

The father was allowed to visit concerts of his boys, but wasn't allowed to announce himself as their father. "In the audience there were my ex-wife Simone and her new husband Gordon as official parents, I had to sit somewhere at the margin. Back then, I thought that I wouldn't fit the picture as a simple trucker. Today I'm sure: It's not Bill's and Tom's fault. I think their mother is behind it. She always kept things firmly in hand."

Translated by: Tokio Hotel Info

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