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ARTICLE: - Jörg: "I have great fear about Bill"

"I have fears for Bill"

The father has never spoken, never revealed his face in public: As long as, he want to stop his sons, Bill and Tom Kaulitz (22) from Tokio Hotel, who offered him 6.000 Euro hush money.

Yesterday, BILD reported about a strange letter from the twins to their father. Today, the father, Jörg (44) speak about his life with the teen stars and his fears for his children.

BILD: Why did you enter the public just now?

Father Jörg: "There is only one reason: I want to see Bill and Tom. It's not about vanity, and not about money – it's because I'm worried about my sons."

BILD: Worried?

Father Jörg: "Yes, very much. For example, when I saw Bill's new tattoo on his hand, this skeleton – it's frightened me."

BILD: He is a rockstar...

Father Jörg: "But I hope, he won't end up like Amy Winehouse. I am afraid that Bill will die early. He always had a connection with death. Now, it seems that the guys made their testament. This is not normal at all."

BILD: Do you remember the last common meeting?

Jörg: "Of course, the Christmas of 2009. Bill and Tom came to visit me. We drank Freixenet champagne, smoked, talked. Then I haven't seen them again. Then they moved to America."

BILD: And then have you got any contact with them?

Jörg: "Yes, via SMS. But I have the feeling that they are externally controlled in America. In the last text message from Tom, he also sounded that he accused me for the separation from their mother, when they were 7. They would still suffer from this circumstance."

BILD: Why did you leave your family?

Jörg: "My wife and I haven't understood each other. She always had high goals and attracted to artists. So I couldn't do anything at all. I just wanted to live a normal life."

BILD: What is the role of your ex-wife, Simone (43) in your children's life?

Jörg: "Significant. For Bill, his mother is the goddess. Tom is more the father-child. I think, Simone has a great influence on the boys. And she lives with them in Los Angeles."

BILD: How were Bill and Tom, as a child?

Jörg: Vivid and creative. I realized early that they are special. Bill, as a little boy liked to dress for carnival or dressed up like Pippi Longstocking with braids.

BILD: What was the worst thing that you have experienced with your sons?

Jörg: "When in 2008 Bill was in hospital in Berlin and his voice was gone. When I saw him lying there so pale and exhausted, I felt sorry for him. His manager gave him barely a break. It’s must be a point, when a boy collapsed."

BILD: Why didn't you do anything?

Jörg: "I had no legal basis. The children were with the mother, because we were never married. She also signed all contracts of the guys, while they were underage."

BILD: Do you think your family gets together again?

Jörg: "There is nothing that I want more. But I have very little hope. Bill and Tom once said that their dogs are their family. Because dogs are loyal for a lifetime. It was a sting to my heart. Their dogs are more important to them than me."

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