Thursday, December 10, 2009

FASHION: The Evolution of Bill’s Style – Part III: 2008-2009

As we’ve already seen, it seems as though Bill was stuck in a “studded-belts and skulls” rut throughout 2007 and this continued through most of 2008. His style began to get a bit stagnant and the only thing that seemed to be changing was the circumference of his hair.

Bill's style: Early 2008

At the end of 2008 (around the time of the fanparty and all of those “Jingle Ball” holiday concerts in the US) Bill seemed to be beginning to morph out of his old style and into the more sleek and sophisticated style we see him sporting now.

Bill's style: Late 2008

2009 has been quite a year for Bill and his change in style reflects it. It seems as though his taste in clothes and accessories and hairstyles is maturing just as he is and that he is sending a message that he wants to be taken seriously. He is wearing much more expensive, avant garde designers such as Dsquared², Dior Homme and Ann Demuelemeester. Gone are the gaudy skull-print t-shirts and the loose jeans. He’s wearing solid colors instead of loud patterns and and tight-fitting clothing, which is a big part of what makes his look more chic. But despite the changes, the look is still uniquely “Bill”. His hair is still big (whether it’s in one direction or another), his jewelry still makes a statement, he’s still glam and rock and goth and all those other labels that don’t really apply to him, but we still use anyway because he’s unique and so hard to describe in words.

Bill's style: 2009

I have to admit – sometimes I miss Bill’s old look. Things seemed less fussy back then. However, his style is SO MUCH more elegant now, and as someone who is interested in fashion, it is an exciting time to be a fan of his.

What is YOUR favorite era of Bill’s? What’s your favorite outfit that he’s worn so far? Are you looking forward to see how his style evolves next?


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