Friday, April 3, 2015

NOTICE: Tokio Hotel's YouTube Q&A (03.04.2015)

Fi Fourvor: Tom wieso warst du nicht öfter zu sehen?
Das Frage ich mich auch… !
Tom, why weren’t you seen more often?
Tom: I ask myself that same question, too.

BeyondBirthday1992: Do you think you’ll be ever able to top this video?
Tom: It’s gonna be hard but we'll try :-)

How was it to work with Swedish producers for this music video? :)
Tom: It was great working with Mattias. He was an amazing director and we were seeing eye to eye on everything. I couldn’t wish for a better director for this video.

Evelina Simsova: Georg celebrate the birthday in the family or in the circle of Tokio Hotel?  
Georg: That’s the same!

Jula483: Bill did you like smashing bottle on this guy's head? Would you do it again, in real life? :P
Bill: It was a lot of fun and since I’m such an aggressive person :-) I'd totally do it again...

ashtraygirl98: Where u afraid of people's reaction to the video before it came out?
Bill: No. We were excited to share it. We were working on it with all our heart so we couldn’t wait for you guys to see it. It really is a passion project.

Micaela Victoria: Bill, which scene was the hardest part to shoot? and why? <3 b="">
Bill: The hardest was the crying scene.. It was the first time I really had to act and I wasn’t sure if I could pull that off right away in front of a camera in just a couple of minutes...

Taylor Houston Tiphaine: Gustav, what is your favorite beer in the world ?
Gustav: Sternburg Export B Abfüllung.

Giovanna Sabino: Georg, Gustav, what was your favorite part of the video?
Georg: Getting free drinks at the club set.

Angy: When will the uncensored version be released? :)
Bill: Pretty soon but it’s gonna be the same thing just without any blur.

Rapunzel Grimm: Exzellentes Video, Jungs! Schwieriges Thema stark umgesetzt! Bill, du spielst das ganz toll! Bemerkenswert!
Hast du Bock, auch einmal in Spielfilmen mitzuwirken? Gibt es da Pläne?
Bill: würde ich sehr gerne…wenn es der richtige film ist und die richtige rolle...
Excellent video, guys! It had a strong theme. Bill, you played it really well! Remarkable! Would you participate in movies? Are there plans?
Bill: I would very much like to… If it’s the right movie and right role.

Jula483: Bill would you like to direct someday some music video just by yourself? And did you like to film music videos that are like "short movies"? :)
Bill: I’d actually like to do that. I have so many ideas that it's gonna be hard to use it all for Tokio Hotel.

Theresia Schwarz: will you make a video on Stormy Weather?
Bill: It’s not planned so far.

Olga Krieger: Bill hi guys! how long the clip was filmed?
Bill: We shot two days in Berlin.

Giorgia Faranda: will you ever film a video starring Georg as main role? Georg would you ever do that?
Tom: Never!

AlienVK: Bill, You take some classes of theater to act like this or all its natural? You did it great!!!!
Bill: Thank you… I never took any class. I was pretty nervous to do it actually.

JessicaRiccumeni: Hey guys why are you still awake at this hour? party night? ahahahaha
Bill: Staying up for you guys. :-)

Sezen Savaşan: Why G's aren't on video?
Georg: We are, you just need to find us…;-)

Rishika Mishra: will you guys ever come to India?
Bill: Yes we would love to!!! It’s a dream of ours…

Julie Aspernig: Bill kennst du Requiem for a dream mit jared leto? Einer meiner Lieblingsfilme:)
Bill: Yes! Love that movie!

Elmyra Lee: Guys, what's your favourite actress?
Georg: Still Jessica Alba and Pamela Anderson.
Tokio Hotel: “Real Georg”: Guess who answered that for me!

Ornella L: Tom, we are still waiting for a photo on Instagram! ;)
Tom: Still waiting to have more followers than Bill.

xxxGiadinaxxx: What do you think about this 1st part of tour? :)
Bill: It was the best tour ever. We had so much fun. I think we enjoyed this tour more than any other tour before. We can’t wait for part 2

Loukia Grammenou: What's your next plan for your career? FIA part 2 maybe?
Bill: Yep…gonna announce new dates SOON :-)

Letizia Cella: Bill, why did you decide to play the main role in the video and not someone else?
Bill: The others wanted me to do it cause they are too shy.

Lila_Skull: The first thought in the morning when you shot the video?
Bill: Can I cry in front of a camera? I’m nervous!!! I hope this is gonna work out…

Sara Kapovor: Tom and Georg, what do you think about Torg?
The question is what do you guys think about “toll”?
Tokio Hotel: I think #torg is #toll

Letizia Cella: Why was the video shoot in Berlin?
Bill: We liked the rawness of the city. Berlin is my favorite place in Germany the realness and roughness perfect for the video…

Carla Alarcos: The toilet scene will be better with TORG. You know right? Or BIGU!
Bill: Hahaha start a petition. :)

Transcript By: Tokio Hotel Malaysia (Please credit if use)

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