Sunday, March 22, 2015

NOTICE: Q&A - Bill Talks About Pumba - Cologne, Germany (20.03.2015)

A fan asked Bill during the Q&A why out of all their dogs, Pumba is the only one not rescued from an animal shelter.

Bill said: He desperately wanted to get an English Bulldog, and also went to an animal shelter to take a look dogs. There even was a one year old English Bulldog, but his owner came back for him, so Bill didn't get that dog. Since English Bulldogs are popular dogs, it's hard to get them from shelters. However, Bill then found a rescue station, that had English Bulldogs puppies. He had to apply for ownership with an actual application, telling them about his work, the other dogs at home, their experiences with dogs, and such. Bill said he was very honest about it, and even told them about the band, since he thought it could help. He even offered them to take a look at their house. When he didn't receive an answer for his application after weeks, he contacted them and they told him they wouldn't give him a puppy because Tom's dog wasn't castrated (it's normal to castrate every dog in America). When Bill heard he can't get a puppy because of that, he got really mad and he said that he wrote them a rude email, insulting them because he was so angry. After that, he simply decided to buy an English Bulldog pup, because rescuing one was too hard, and that's how he finally got Pumba. Bill also said "Pumba war ein totales Wunschkind!" which meant "Pumba was absolutely a planned child."

According to other sources, fans asked Bill how he chose Pumba, and was it love at first sight? Bill said "No, I looked at his white brother, Pumba was smaller and they told me he has a heart problem and I thought that I could pay for all the medicines. That's why I chose him. But don't worry, he's fine, just constantly need medicines and medical control."

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