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ARTICLE: BUNTE: Tokio Hotel - Album Coming This Year (22.01.2014)

After a four year break, there will be a new album by "Tokio Hotel". The former teen band wants to surprise, not only with a new album, but to also give live performances from Bill Kaulitz and Co. in 2014.

The recent album of "Tokio Hotel" was released in 2009. While twin brothers, Bill and Tom Kaulitz (both 24) even sat in the past year as jurors in the tenth season of "Deutschland Such Den Superstar", but it seems to have become quite calm for their band. 2014, this should now change: "Tokio Hotel" have a new album planned.

In an interview with "Bunte", producer Peter Hoffman (60) revealed about the plans by vocalist Bill Kaulitz and his band comrades: "The band is fine. The album will come out this year, and then there will certainly be live concerts." The new "Tokio Hotel" album has even been recorded. "Now, it's all about the follow-up and a matter of selecting the right songs," said the Producer.

However, the new album does not just mean including successful songs, the release date would also be well chosen. The record label, Universal has reached agreement "about the songs 'completely agree'", now it is to discuss at which time the new work of "Tokio Hotel" should be best on the market.

Producer Thomas Anders (50) also expressed his views on the "Tokio Hotel" comeback. He believes that Bill Kaulitz, Tom Kaulitz and their fellow musicians are now faced with a challenge. "For a teen band, four years break is an eternity", said the former "Modern Talking" musician, "The former audience of Tokio Hotel is now older. You now have to break into the adult Pop market.

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