Tuesday, December 17, 2013

NOTICE: Tokio Hotel: 'I Am' Collaboration

So we finally got some news today! Tokio Hotel collaborated with Wyclef Jean, Rock Mafia, and David Correy to support USA Network's 'NFL Characters Unite' series to overcome prejudice, bullying and discrimination!

This is such a good cause. So proud of them of being part of something like this! Even though it's just a collaboration, it's so nice to have something from them, and we really look forward to getting more new music SOON (I know y'all hate that word, sorry). Keep following them on their OFFICIAL accounts: Twitter.com/TokioHotel | Facebook.com/TokioHotel

Also, stay tuned to our pages as we'll continue to bring you the latest on Tokio Hotel!

Visit www.charactersunite.com for more on the collaboration!

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