Thursday, September 19, 2013

VOTE: Tokio Hotel - MTV EMA 2013: Biggest Fans

Please remember that you need to do this everyday in order for Tokio Hotel to move up.
Tokio Hotel are now the official nominees in the Biggest Fans category, so it's time we step up our game!
Voting ends November 8 (The EMA is on the 10th of November | 11 November for Malaysia).
Earning Points = VOTES
Below, you can find direct links to Earn Points for Tokio Hotel's Team:

  • Like/Follow MTV EMA: Found at the top of the MTV EMA site.

  • Like/Follow an artist: MTV EMA, can you please put a damn Like/Follow button for Tokio Hotel's page?! It's very Ludo of you to leave that out ONLY on Tokio Hotel's page. >_>
  • Share/email a page: You can share any page on Twitter/Facebook/email, etc. but it must have these exact words in it:
  • Refer someone to To refer to someone to the page is to have them click on your shared link.
  • Tag an artist:

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