Monday, April 15, 2013

NOTICE: Support Animal Equality!

Reading such things sickens us, too! We can never understand how us, humans can be so cruel to animals of any kind. Many people still have yet to learn to respect animals as well. After all, they all have a life, and a beating heart, just like anyone of us. If there's one thing we wish would end is animal cruelty and abuse. Some even think it's a joke to publicly abuse animals and have it all recorded and uploaded onto the internet. Please, Aliens, if you ever come across videos of such cruelty anywhere on the web, don't hesitate to have it reported. It is not something one should smile about or enjoy.

Thanks to Tokio Hotel, we also came across another form of animal cruelty. We really, really hope everyone can take a few minutes of their time to sign this petition and work together to end the trade of dog meat! Each and every one of your voices matter, so do your part and end this cruelty:

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