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SCANS: Bravo #04/13 (Germany)

Bill & Tom - Fashion Talk

Fashion-Alarm at DSDS! In the ten year history of DSDS, no other jury-members have been as stylish as Bill and Tom Kaulitz (both 23) from Tokio Hotel. Bill surprised the viewers of this season with 5 (!) outfit changes during the first episode - one more spectacular than the other! Bravo met up with the twins for a little style-talk...

By now, both of you are fashion icons. Is a candidates style therefore important to you?
Bill: For me it's important that they're authentic. A lot of people wear crazy stuff, but more often than not it only looks like they're disguising themselves.
Tom: Yup, if they dress "boring" every day, they should continue doing so. There's no point in dressing up and not being comfortable with what you're wearing, thus screwing up your performance.
Bill: One candidate, for example, came to the casting in a simple white shirt, jeans and sneakers - and he was great! I would never tell him: Go and put on a leather jacket with metal studs or try on the new collection of Givenchy. That's ridiculous.

So candidates can't make up for their weak/bad voice with their styling?
Tom: Both things play a role in our decision making process. If a candidate doesn't sing that great, but has an awesome stage presence, is charismatic and has an awesome style, I would let him advance onto the next round. I would rather let such a person go on to the next round, than someone who might have a better voice but where you can immediately see: You can't put him on stage because he's missing the stage presence and the fire.

How do you find the right casting style for yourself?
Bill: You should be spontaneous: What do I feel comfortable with and in which clothes do I look best? I always get up in the morning and dress how I want to. I never think about what I'm going to do or what I have planned that day. And then, suddenly, I'm sitting behind the jury-table for ten hours, under the warm spotlights - bundled up in a thick sweater (laughs).

What do you like wearing most right now?
Bill: Colors! In the past I wore a lot of black. But I'm not one for following fashion trends and I don't look at what others wear all the time. What's an absolute no-go are the slippers that Mateo always wears! (laughs) I would never wear something like that. Just like shorts.
Tom: Those are also not my thing, even if I have very voluptuous/erotic legs...(laughs) Otherwise, I really like wearing sweaters.
Bill: Did you notice that Tom's style really changed?

That's true - what happened?
Bill: Tom slowly catches up with what I was born with! (laughs) He learned this from me.
Tom: You must be joking! I always liked wearing cloths in the pocket of my pants, and now you're doing the exact same thing...
Bill: By now, Tom just raids my closet and steals things like sunglasses, for example, or jackets.
Tom: It was one jacket! And I had to cut off the sleeves. You should know: Bill's closet is like a massive, smelly Second-Hand-Shop. Finding a nice jacket was really hard!
Bill: (laughs) But your pants have definitely gotten tighter!
Tom: That's just because my ass got bigger...(laughs)

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