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SCANS: TVdirekt #01/2013 (Germany)


Why did you decide to join the DSDS-Jury?
Bill: We decided to join this show, because it's the most successful casting show. In addition to that the winner is going to have the perfect start into the music business. A #1-single and a successful first album are almost guaranteed, plus the winner will also get 500,000 €. That's a lot of money, which you can still work with as a musician after DSDS.

Would you have wanted such an entry into the music business for Tokio Hotel?
Bill: Yes, our story is a Cinderella story which barely happens in the music business nowadays. We were discovered in a live-club in our hometown. Nowadays, the record labels don't want to spend money on anything. There aren't a lot of talent scouts left who look for bands and invest in them, as there were ten years ago. 
Tom: The music business changed so drastically, that this is the only way to have some kind of success. In the US some of the greatest artists have been sitting in the Jury of the casting shows for a long time, to give aspiring artists some type of input.
Bill: Mariah Carey and Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears sit there in the Jurys to find new talents.

Do you like being a part of the DSDS-Jury?
Bill: It's a lot of fun. But when the people are standing in front of you with a hopeful look in their eyes...all of them have big dreams - there are also some older candidates who've been making music for a long time, and you're basically deciding someones fate.

How do you get along with DSDS-"Headman" Dieter Bohlen?
Bill: Good! We're all of different ages and make different types of music. We also have some candidates who sing Schlager music, which Tom and I can't say much about. They fall into Dieter's field of competence. Everyone of us basically has their "area of responsibility".

How do the candidates respond to you?
Tom: I think Bill and I are pretty fair in our decisions. But there are certainly going to be candidates who are going to be upset about our decision in retrospect.
Bill: Yes, we had one or two of those candidates...
Tom: There was one girl, we had to tell her that it just wasn't enough and she looked at us in such a way that you got the feeling that you have to spiritually cleanse yourself.

Are you going to watch the castings on TV?
Bill: I don't like watching myself on TV...
Tom: I don't like hearing myself talk and I don't like seeing myself on TV. I had my first experience of this kind in primary school at a film studio for kids. I had to play "The gallant tailor". Watching it with my family afterwards was horrible.

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