Sunday, November 11, 2012

NOTICE: Tokio Hotel May Not Be At 2012 EMA

NEWS: We have been in contact with an EMA worker who says MTV would have loved to have a performance by Tokio Hotel this year and that they were contacted already in August. Managers said they couldn't accept the offer because the band members would still be in the album making process. She would not confirm anything on whether or not Tokio Hotel would perform or present an award but given the information we have received and what we already know, Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav will most likely not be present at the show. Bill and Tom Kaulitz are also currently working on a project (DSDS) which means they might not even be there as guests to watch the show.

Source: Marie Himmel Metzger – MTV EMA 2012 Frankfurt staff, working with artist bookings

Credit: @TokioHotel_EMA (Twitter)

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