Wednesday, April 11, 2012

SCANS: IN nº 15/12 (Germany)


Why Melek couldn't cut the ice with Bill...
Surprise visit at Germany's Next Topmodel
The Tokio Hotel star makes Heidi's girl really nervous. Especially one model caught his eye...

The audience goes wild and screams, Melek (19) marvels and smiles and yearns for Bill, Bill set the tone - but he is seemingly absent-minded. Again and again the eyes of the 22-year-old singer gets off the point. As a surprise guest at Germany's Next Topmodel the rockstar should show Melek and the others to heat up the audience. But his restless and searching look reveals: Bill seems to burn himself internally. But for what and for whom? Did he fall in love? The Tokio Hotel singer is professional, tries not to show it and goes ahead with his performance with Melek. But then, in a unobserved moment, he whispers Heidi Klum (38) something in the ear. As IN got to know, he reveals to the astonished Model-mother in that moment, on whom he casts his eyes. She is totally cool. Four words, just for one person: Sara Kulker (21), infant terrible, hostel-mother and the bird of paradise of the girl group. Something going on? The start for a potential love story goes already wrong. "I didn't realized it, because like always I saw nothing without my glasses", Sara described the moment to IN, as the Tokio Hotel singer surprisingly entered the stage. Why she didn't recognize him immediately? Bill has changed a lot. Gel-hairstyle, three-day-beard, new piercings. But with his cool look he first bites on granite by Sara. She confesses: "I prefer guys, who are a little bit older than me. And my boyfriend is by far the most awesome guy on this planet." But then, the model with the big mouth, find some positive words for Bill: "He really made a really nice impression to me. He looks more manlier." A view, a smile - and then the express flirt is over. A pity - also Sara thinks: "I wouldn't have minded to talk a bit to him", confesses the temperament girl. But the clock is ticking, finally every girl wants a piece of Bill. Especially Melek. She is actually allowed to stage dive with him. Sara takes it easy and takes care of her girls in the meantime. "I love my chickens", she said - and maybe just a little bit Bill too?

Page 1
Stage Diving: "It was a honor for me to fall into the crowd with Bill. That was really cool", Melek says enthusiastically.

Page 2
Melek has snatched him!
#1 Even though she was never a fan of "Tokio Hotel" - Melek liked "US5" much more - Bill impresses her. She listens to him fascinated and enthusiastic: "At least he is a world famous rock star."
#2 "When he came on stage, I did not even recognize him", admits Melek.
#3 Model-luck: "It was an honor for me to shoot with him."
#4 It's mind-blowing for Melek: "Bill is really nice."

Translation By: Tokio Hotel Info

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