Tuesday, April 3, 2012

ARTICLE: BILD.de - Bill Kaulitz: TV-Comeback with Heidi Klum

The gray jeans shivering on his thin legs. The hair is strangely gray colored. The face is heavily made up.

Yes, THIS is actually Bill Kaulitz (22) from "Tokio Hotel" for "Germany's Next Topmodel"!

The first public sign of life of the world stars from Magdeburg in almost two years!

In the summer of 2010, Bill and twin brother Tom ("Durch den Monsun") have been completely withdrawn, put their career on hold and had moved from Hamburg to Los Angeles.

For Heidi Klum, Bill now returns to Germany for an evening - on Thursday (Pro 7, 20.15 o'clock).

It was the idea of the supermodel, to get the singer in front of the camera: "I just called him!" and lured him with pretty girls.

And what makes "Tokio" Bill?

He rehearses with the models, like a rockstar jumps off the stage and "bathes in his fans", also known as "Stage Diving".

For Kaulitz, it's great fun: "Of course, I've promised a lot of the day with 14 pretty girls... Because you look so happy to take time out!"

A break from the break?

Bill says: "I'm in Los Angeles, because we're producing a new album."

When and if it comes on the market, BILD-Information is still uncertain. For his new life, "Tokio" Bill has set to a completely new look.

Why? Bill: "I cannot endure long without changing my hair color. Last week I was still blond, now gray. I have to constantly do something different."

Translated By: Tokio Hotel Malaysia (Admin)

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