Tuesday, February 7, 2012

NOTICE: @TokioHotel has been VERIFIED!

That's right, dear Aliens!!! Tokio Hotel's Twitter account has been officially verified by Twitter, which means this goes to show that this Twitter account is the real deal! @TokioHotel is the band's one and only official Twitter page! Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav DO NOT have any personal Twitter accounts AND personal Facebook/MySpace accounts! If you come across any other accounts on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc who are claiming to be any one of the band members, please report them. Let's all work together to get rid of all the fake accounts of the band online. To get in touch with Bill and Tom personally, you can purchase the BTK Twins App to get EXCLUSIVE content from the Twins themselves. The App is available WORLDWIDE, so Malaysian Aliens, you can get the App too!

For more details about the BTK Twins App, please visit this link!

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