Tuesday, January 24, 2012

NOTICE: BTK Twins - Copyright Infringement

We are so, so sorry guys... We can no longer post any content from the BTK Twins App for those who don't have the App. As much as we love to update all of you, we can't do it anymore. At least not from the BTK Twins App. For those of you who own an iPhone or an Android phone, visit THIS LINK for details about purchasing the BTK Twins App! It's available WORLDWIDE!!!


  1. What's funny is, Nothing is happening except to the BTKTWINS site and the App twitter. Reported fanclubs have not been contacted. This was because someone was making money from the app who was not the twins.

  2. Why do they want to shrink the small fandom even more?

  3. We are lucky that we have not been notified about anything, just yet. I suppose we have to accept and respect their decision and stop posting contents from the App. Perhaps we'll still post important information about them, but we won't post everything that's on the App. :-)