Monday, September 12, 2011

NOTICE: Want the DAA 'Rock Hard, F*ck Safe' t-shirt in Malaysia?

So, we have decided to help out the lovely and the ever so supportive people at Designers Against AIDS regarding the Tokio Hotel 'Rock Hard, F*ck Safe' t-shirt they released back in 2009. Designers Against AIDS would like to know how many people in Malaysia would like to have this t-shirt to be available again. Since we are helping them out for the Malaysian fans, it would be great if you could let us know who would like this AMAZING t-shirt and we'll be able to give the numbers to DAA. You could Tweet us, let us know on Facebook, or you could e-mail us at If you want, you could even Like/Comment our Facebook post on DAA's wall (Let us know if the link isn't working) or you could tell DAA yourself in this post. Just so you know, Designers Against AIDS need at least 1000 fans worldwide to request for this t-shirt before they can make it available again. For those who are curious, the t-shirt isn't very costly and it is for a very good cause. :D

Here's a pic of the t-shirt for those who haven't seen it:

And here's a colored picture of the t-shirt. That's Scott from Cherrytree, by the way. :P


  1. Ivoire: We've counted you in! :D

    Anonymous: Please let us know who you are as we are not counting anonymous votes. :-)