Wednesday, August 3, 2011

SCANS: Bravo nº 16/11 (Romania)

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  1. Translation:
    1st page (in the green square): BRAVO STARTS: The twins who have conquered the world!
    2nd page: nothing about the Kaulitz brothers
    3rd page:
    Bold text: There are few situation when twins get to be celebrities. Then the success is split in two and... also the fame. There are some couples that managed to stand out that we are going to present you, and also two romanian ...failures!
    Normal text: The two 21 year old twins are in Tokio Hotel since 2003, when they have signed the contract with a producer. Bill and Tom have become the most beloved twins from Germany and they have launched, along with their colleagues, several albums. This year, on 2nd February 2011, have launched the "Dark Side of the Sun" album, a special issue for Japan, but which can also be purchased from the internet. Not long ago the boys have changed their looks and confessed that they entered the studio to record a new album.