Friday, July 1, 2011

SCANS: In nº 27/11 (Germany)


Tokio Hotel: Return to Germany?
Everything is still top secret: The Twins are supposed to be a part of the Jury of the new Casting Show on Pro7 – this would be the TV surprise of the year...

This ensures a rating fight between the Talent Shows: The new season of "Das Supertalent" (Britain's got Talent) starts in September simultaneously with the new casting-format "The Voice of Germany" (The Voice US – Info). [...]

As "IN" learned from close sources, two of the hottest German stars are under debate: Bill and Tom Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel! This would be awesome, because then the twins would finally return to their home country. At the moment they live in Los Angeles, as well as their discoverer and producer David Jost, to work on their new Album. Everything is still top secret and of course a question of money. [...]

If Tokio Hotel agree to be in the Jury, the channel can expect high ratings, because of their loyal Fan base and Bill and Toms blunt and straight-forward judgments. It remains to be seen if there's gonna be a jury of four, because as "IN" learned, the German version of "The Voice" will have a "Twin-Position" (which means that two artists share a buzzer – in this case Bill and Tom Kaulitz). [...]

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