Thursday, June 23, 2011

VIDEO: PRO 7 Taff (22.06.2011)


Daniel: Beard instead of baby face, muscles instead of thin arms, Bill Kaulitz and other guys are apparently no more sissies.
Nela: You can see now, how he and other teen stars suddenly become a very tough guy and whether they succeed in changing their image...
Gelled hair, a little touch of facial hair, showing the tattoos manly in a tight muscle shirt. This is actually Bill Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel, in a men's costume. - Girl 1: "Well, he's still not pretty." Girl 2: "Yeah, uhm..." Girl 3: "Well, he has good stylists or so for sure and they tell him what he should wear. So the stylists have chosen well." - Until now the Tokio Hotel singer preferred to appear in that way, fancy clothes and generally more feminine styling. Therefore we can't take Bill's transformation to a real man so serious yet. That's why he is only on the 5th place in our ranking of the most successful transformations from a teen to a man.

Translation By: TokioHotel-Info

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