Thursday, June 30, 2011

TOM'S BLOG: TH for Japan: MTV Bass Auction

MTV Japan just opened the auction of our original "Scream" video bass guitar! Georg tried to mash it in the "Scream" video shoot but to be completely honest with you guys, I had to body double him for that scene to finally break it into pieces… ;)
So, it's a real piece of Tokio Hotel history...this is as unique as it gets!
Pls check THIS LINK to participate. (worldwide auction).

Every single Yen helps!


  1. Hmm, dilemma. My bid of $1700 was just outbid. Supposedly only 3 hours left to rebid. Hmm..... I should rebid. It is for charity and TH memorabilia.

  2. Kyle: You totally should! It would be so awesome... Let us know if you're the highest bidder. :D