Tuesday, June 7, 2011

NOTICE: Star Spotting: Bill Kaulitz Is The Best Boss Ever

Bill Kaulitz's hair and makeup artist Natalie Franz recently posted a photo of her boss... Bill Kaulitz.
And there are few things to note here: the facial hair Bill stunned O Music Award viewers with when Tokio Hotel accepted their O Music Award for Fan Army FTW? Gone.

Also, MAD muscles! Dude! Putting in some SERIOUS gym time. Sweat.

Furthermore, EXCELLENT partial pompadour. Perfect, precise, pristine. If you saw the Muz-TV awards in Moscow, where Tokio Hotel performed live, then you got to see the pomp (and rest of the guys, of course) in action.

And finally, Natalie Franz, who clearly does impeccable work (though good Kaulitz genes should be credited too), has probably the best job in the world. Natalie, if you ever need an assistant, I know about a trillion and seven girls who'd be happy to interview for the gig.

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