Saturday, June 4, 2011

INTERVIEW: MUZ-TV Press Conference (03.06.2011)

In the UK, Tokio Hotel held a press conference for the first western headliners Awards Muz-TV 2011. Time for questions and answers were too little, but Bill Kaulitz managed to talk with reporters.

First, Bill told reporters who gathered at the Press Room:
- We are in a little creative break, so surprised that we are waiting for so many of our Russian fans.

Do you know some Russian song?
- «Kalinka Malinka»? No, we do not know Russian songs, but we promise our Russian fans that we will learn the Russian song.

How do you feel about your fans who copy your style?
- I never dreamed and not even thought about it. Now I don’t get tired of this wonder. It’s now a great honor for me. But I must say that it is easy to look like me. I recently saw girls who look exactly like me. It was strange.

You now live in the U.S.. On which of your country do you miss?
- Now in Los Angeles we have a completely different feel. We can safely go to the supermarket and choose a favorite yogurt, which we couldn’t do in Germany. Otherwise we were always surrounded by crowds of fans.

Tokio Hotel fled. Feverishly waiting for the appearance of Zemfira: because the singer is rarely seen in communicating with journalists, and even more so at a press conference.

Translation Credit: XxMangelBxX

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