Thursday, June 23, 2011

ARTICLE: Bill Is Suddenly A Man!

Three-day beard, mirrored aviator glasses, muscle shirt and endcool pose: That is not really...? And how they are!

In Los Angeles, the "Tokio Hotel" twins, Tom and Bill Kaulitz (21) presented themselves so mature that even die-hard fans almost didn't recognized them.

Under, a puzzled fan with the username "palabrafreak" posted: "I'm totally confused by the picture." User "THTHgeil": "These are not the twins, I know." And the user "totgeliebt_" even grumbled a little on the new look: "That's PHONY! One can see that this is not our Bill."

To get used to the twins is for the fans not the first time...

In the past, "Tokio" Bill have always experimented with his looks and with striking eye make-up, flashy outfits and crazy hairstyles, courageous fashion breaking gender boundaries.

Credit: @BILD_Aktuell (Twitter)
Translated By: Ronnie (Administrator)

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