Wednesday, May 4, 2011

INTERVIEW: MUZ-TV - Answers from Tokio Hotel

»Bill, could you do you hair long again?
Why not? I don’t really plan my hairstyle, so that might happen.

»What is maximum amount of money you could spend on charity?
I hate it when people talk about how much money they have spent just for getting some nice press. All four of us definitely spend a lot of money on charity but we would never talk about any amount!

»You have sung 'Monsun O Koete' in Japanese, so could you do it in Russian?
Gustav knows a couple of Russian words and phrases, may be we'll let him perform a Russian Monsoon version? :D

»Do you really imagine how much fans in Russia love you & how much they are waiting for you?
Yes we can, within the last couple of month we received thousands of emails, comments and letters by our Russian fans, that was pretty impressive. Thanks for that!!! We can't wait to come over...

»Georg, did you know that many fans call you Rapunzel?
Georg: Haha, no that’s the first time I heard of this.
Tom: But I love... - I think we all love it!!! What a perfect description!

»Have you seen all these actions that were held by fans from Russia, to get TH concert in this country? Humanoid -parade for example?
We saw all comments, emails and letters and that’s why we are back. It was really touching us and we can feel the endless support!

»Gustav, do you remember anything from your school classes of Russian?
Sure! I still know some phrases. Our trip to Moscow is a great opportunity to refresh some of it!

»Tom, do you know that ushanka are national dress in Russia?
I didn’t know that, but I’ll wear mine now more often :) I love them!

»Do you like your photo in passport?
Georg: German passport photos have to stick to certain regulations such as no smiling and a certain positioning of your head. They always look awful.
Tom: No, mine looks great!
Gustav: Yeah, mine too!
Bill: Yes, mine as well... maybe it’s just you Georg!

»Many people consider Russian girls the most beautiful in the world, what about you?
Let me put it like this, I can't wait to spend another night in Russia!

»Tom, is that true that you post yourself in your blog on ? (many fans are interested in this question!)
Sure, check it out if you have a minute.

»When did you had sex last time?
Would be easier to figure out the last time when I didn’t had sex ;)

»Do your former classmates try to establish a contact with you?
Some of our former classmates are still our best friends, so yes.

»Bill, you have starred in commercials with Alice Cooper, what impressions do you have from your cooperation?
Working with Cooper was really fun, we had a great time and he is a nice guy!

»Twins, you travel often, and you have moved from your motherland Germany to America. How do you talk to your parents? When was the last time when you talked to your mother for example?
Our family means the world to us, we are really close and speak every day.

»From the pessimists' point of view (POV) everything in life goes around, from optimists' POV - like on spiral, from daydreamers' POV - goes straight. How do each of you go?
Unfortunately I must say that I'm more the pessimist in almost every situation. But Georg is the big dreamer in the band. ;-)

»Let's imagine that (you have changes place with your fans), you are just 4 normal guys & you are huge fans of one artist & you anyway want get attention of this artist, so what would you do to get the attention?
Tom: Bill knows, as he was a huge fan as a child.
Bill: Right, I know how it is to wait in line for hours to get the best seats at a show and all that stuff, so I really appreciate all the fandom and know exactly how fans feel.
Tom: And Georg still knows how that feels. He's a huge fan of mine. He always tries to get my attention by running around naked whenever he can. And it works every once in a while. ;-)

»What monument or something else would you make the 8th miracle of the world? As you have traveled & seen a lot, maybe something had exited you?
Tom: Hm, that’s hard to tell. Recently we had the chance to see the Maya pyramids in Mexico. That was really impressive!
But the world as itself and life on earth is the biggest wonder to me!

»Gustav, you make an impression of the strongest musician in the band, inheritor of Lars Ulrich fame. Your legs in shorts exite so many Russian fans. How do you see development of the band like musicians? What is it's main direction & perspectives in your opinion?
Not only the lovely Russian girls might get exited, I also wear the shorts especially for Georg ;-) When it comes to our future plans, we don’t really stick to a certain strategy, it’s all about the momentum and the inspiration.

»Bill: you have often mentioned David Bowie in many interviews. Who is he for you? One of images like Ziggy Stardust or Aladdin Sane - founder of glam-rock, cooperation with Iggy Pop or Trent Reznor - or just Goblin's King from Labyrint movie with creepy hair-do?
As a child I watched Bowies Movie “Labyrith” a trillion times. That’s where I first noticed him and his work. He´s an Icon!

»Bill: you are the most magnificent frontman, moreover the brightest artist of modern scene. Tell us when are you going to throw away your shyness & conquer the whole world?
With Tokio Hotel we are already traveling around the world. Where ever our fans ask us to play a show we try to go at least once. But we still can't get enough. A huge world tour is our next goal!

»Many artists for example Dero from OOMPH! use internet blogs in order to communicate with their fans, share their thoughts and opinions about philosophy & life, about religion, world & other important things. Tom, how do posts in your blog reflect your inner world?
Tom: I use my blog to share cool stuff and my personal opinion on more serious topics such as animal welfare. In general the blog is a fun thing for me. I share stuff that interests me and things I found on the internet that I just like.

»1.Bill: you say that you want control everything & how would you react if somebody controlled you ?
2.Bill: is there any clothing which you would say about "I'll never wear it, that's too much for me"?
3.What would you choose to regret about something that you have done or something you have never did?
I don’t want to control people I want to be in charge of my own music, videos, and artworks. Already as a child I hated authorities and they hated me.
Bill: There is a lot. But, for example: short pants and real fur.
Tom: More the second one. You live just once and I want to try everything I can. Faults always happen... not often to me, but they happen. ;-)

»Humanoid City Tour became a big step forward in your progress & in process of your music growing up. What does this step mean for you - this album & this tour? Do Russian fans have any hope to see Humanoid City Tour live? We want it so bad!
We are really happy to have the chance to perform at least a few songs for our Russian fans now. And we are going to include Russia in any future touring, we always had a great time here!

»Bill: You often sign something & talk to your fans a little during signing sessions. Now & then you look at them. We are very interested to know what do you see in their eyes in such moments more often? Once you have said that you like to look in eyes. :)
»Georg: There are rumors that you are in a relationship.
We love signing sessions. It’s a great way to get in touch with your fans and understand their thoughts and feelings. I have the chance to see their real emotions and that's what is really important to me! In that moments all the negative things are blown away and I can feel their love!
Georg: Fortunately that’s not a legend, I have a girlfriend. :)

Translation Credit: Liebe
Grammatical Corrections By: Ronnie (Administrator)

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