Monday, May 2, 2011

ARTICLE: Tokio Hotel have been awarded for the best fans

Tokio Hotel for the best fans award

At the MTV Online Wards, Tokio Hotel won the coveted award in the category "Best Fans". The Magdeburgers Bill and Tom Kaulitz with their "Fan Army" have the most dedicated and loyal fans.

The help of the fans of Tokio Hotel is paying off. At the MTV Online Music Awards over the weekend, the fans of Tokio Hotel triumphed. They helped their stars from Tokio Hotel to be coveted at the MTV O-Award in the category "Best Fans". What an honor.

Bill and Tom Kaulitz, Georg Hagen and Gustav Schäfer were ecstatic about their award. With a video, Tom and Bill thanked their fans who have made this award possible.

As a surprise for their fans, Tokio Hotel's frontman Bill Kaulitz presented the thank you video with a beard!

How do you like Bill's new facial hair?

Translated By: Ronnie (Administrator)
Credit: @BravoMagazin (Twitter)

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