Friday, April 15, 2011

NOTICE: Tokio Hotel to appear on MUZ-TV Awards 2011!

Sorry, guys. I don't read Russian, so this is the best translation I could give you:

We have identified who will be the first headliner at the 2011 Awards! Shocking!

As you may recall, we recently published the results of the MUZ-TV Awards voting, and it was opened nationwide - a completely free, interactive and richly illustrated. Anyone can vote, simply go to the site and select your favorite performers.

But as you probably have noticed on the list, not all artists and bands will be present on June 3rd.

Move your cursor on the picture to find out who is the first headliner at the 2011 MUZ-TV Awards!

Russian fans can order their tickets to the show HERE!

Credit: @MUZ_TV (Twitter)

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