Saturday, March 19, 2011

NOTICE: Tokio Hotel sends a message to Japan

The German quartet Tokio Hotel was recently in Japan and to learn of the natural disaster that has affected that country, they expressed their sadness and support through social networks.
"Japan, what a terrible disaster. We are very concerned and we are left speechless. Our heart goes out to all Japanese. We share their sadness with them, "says the message on the profile of Tokio Hotel on Facebook.
The band had given an interview to the FM radio Yukuhama on his recent visit to Japan, where he commented on the relationship with their Japanese fans: "When we come here, the fans are more timid than those of other countries. The truth is that we like because we noticed that they love Tokio Hotel and are very excited but are different from all the other fans we know. "

Translated by: Karen L. (Administrator)

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